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Why delete your dpf when we can
restore it to like-new condition for you?

Advantages To Restoring Your DPF Vs. Deleting:
Cost Savings:
Our complete filter baking and vacuum blasting process typically costs about $600.00. DPF delete kits usually start at over $1,000.00, plus installation costs. Our DPF restore process will save you between 40% – 50% over any delete option.
Vehicle Resale Value:
Dealers cannot can sell your vehicle without a DPF in it. Private buyers may not be able to register the vehicle in their home state and face potential legal issues due to high emmisions caused by deleting the DPF.
Legal Issues:
Currently, to legally delete your dpf you have to register your vehicle as “off-road”. as air poluttion rules increase, you might be ticketed, not be able to re-register your vehicle, or worse. when your late-model trucks’ exhaust has black smoke (since the DPF is removed) authorities immediately know you deleted your DPF.
Health Issues:
DPF’s are their for a very good reason! they are proven to eliminate 98% of the soot (black smoke), and between 70% – 90% of the carbon monoxide and hyrocarbons. without a DPF you and your passengers will be breathing all of these toxins, many proven cancerous, unfiltered.
Voids Factory Warranty/Engine Longevity:
DPF delete kits will void all factory warranties. over riding factory engine programming to delete your dpf impacts the longevity of your engine.

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