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Cleaner exhaust emissions are required by law. As of 2007, every over-the-road truck must have a Diesel Particulate Filter. Clean Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and manifolds are a necessity for peak operating performance while complying with strict government emissions regulations. How we clean your DPF
Ultra Sonic Cleaning Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
Our baking oven and vacuum/blast cabinet restores unrestricted flow to your clogged DPF or intake manifold. We meter test the flow rate of your DPF to ensure it meets factory specifications. Don’t wait for your truck to go into “limp” mode before you have your DPF serviced. Fuel savings will more than offset the cost to service your filter.
Don't Replace your DPF
Don't Delete your DPF
DPF with soot DPF after the baking cycle Ash is then air blasted out
DPF with soot and carbon contamination before the
baking cycle
DPF after the baking cycle,
all soot is converted to as
Ash is then air blasted out
the DPF. and is restored to
original factory flow rates
Regeneration chart
http://3starradiator.com/index_files/image639.gifRegeneration chart with cleaning
Restore Intake Manifolds
With new emission standards, manifolds and ERG coolers have become integral parts of the emissions system and are subject to soot/carbon blockage. Our high temperature oven converts baked on soot to ash, which can be easily removed. This method restores the manifold or EGR to original factory flow rates.
Leaks Repaired Pressure Testing

Emissions DPF Cleaning Regeneration Miami, FL

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